Why Does My Furnace Take So Long to Get Warm?

An advantage that furnaces have over boilers is the speed they can supply you with warm air throughout your home. A boiler needs time to heat up a tank of water and then send that water through your home to spots where the heat must then radiate from warmed objects. But a furnace only needs to transfer heat to the air and then send that air through the vents.

If your furnace starts taking longer to warm your home than you think it should, you may have a need for furnace repair or possibly replacement. Don’t guess at the trouble: get HVAC technicians with the proper background and experience to investigate the issue.

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Here are some common culprits for slow results from a furnace:

Broken heating elements

If you have an electric furnace, it uses an array of heating elements inside its cabinet to raise the air temperature. Some of these elements can break without causing the whole furnace to fail, but this will mean the furnace will have problems getting heat to you fast enough—and probably won’t be able to reach its target temperature.

Leaks in the ductwork

If the sealing along the ducts breaks because of damage or corrosion, it will cause a drop in air pressure. This will have a negative impact on the furnace’s performance, causing a reduction in the heat coming from your vents. Consequently, it will require the furnace much longer to heat up rooms to the temperature you expect.

The heater is the wrong size

If you inherited a furnace with your home, or if an amateur or inexperienced company did the installation, then the reason your furnace takes such a long time to get your house warm is that it is too small for the space. An improperly sized furnace will never be able to produce enough heating power to reach its target temperature. Some rooms may get warm quickly, while others will only receive heat slowly, if at all. You might find ways to better insulate your house to help out, but most likely you will need to have the furnace replaced with an appropriately sized system.

Avoid trying repairs on your furnace without expert assistance. RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning can solve those problems safely and promptly. If it turns out you need to have a new furnace put in, we offer free estimates for system replacements. Contact us today if your furnace is causing you worries with your heating in Amelia, OH.

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