Cincinnati Furnace Tip: Common Furnace Noises and Their Causes

Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their heating systems. When something goes wrong with your heater, though, such as strange noises occurring during the operation of your furnace, you may wish that you had gotten to know your system a little better. At RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning, we like to keep our clients informed.

While you should never attempt to service your furnace on your own, understanding what causes it to make such sounds in your Cincinnati home can help put your mind to rest. If any of these sounds develop with your furnace contact us right away. We can resolve any problems your heating system is experiencing.

If you heat your home with a furnace and a forced air distribution system then you may hear a rattling or clanging sound coming from your duct registers. This may indicate a loose connection in your ductwork system or a duct may have broken free of a fastening. Either way the situation must be resolved immediately. Loose fitting ducts allow pollutants to enter the system and can cost you a lot of money in energy loss.

A low rumbling sound coming from the furnace itself may be the result of a problem with the pilot light or the gas supply. Obviously there are many safety concerns with this type of problem. Rule out the possibility of hazardous furnace operation by scheduling repair services right away.

There is a fan in your furnace that forces air throughout the ductwork system. The moving parts in this fan and its motor must be properly lubricated to function as intended. If moving parts are improperly lubricated or a fan belt slips you may hear a whining sound. Your furnace should not be operated under such conditions, as it risks further damage to your heating system. Call RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning to resolve the problem professionally.

Strange noises emanating from your furnace are alarming, and there are many possible causes. Not all of them are serious. Only a professional will be able to make that assessment, though. For the inspection of odd sounds and any other furnace troubles in Cincinnati, call the pros at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning.

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