Cincinnati Heating Repair Guide: What a Noisy Heater May be Telling You

Your furnace can make some strange noises. Some of them are just a normal part of the furnace’s operation, but some of them can indicate problems with your furnace. If your furnace is making any new or strange sounds, call the experts at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning today.


Rattling can be a potentially big problem with your furnace. It can mean that the heat exchanger in your furnace is cracked. The heat exchanger has two jobs: first, to deliver heat to the air that gets pumped into your home and, second, to exhaust combustion fumes out of your house. If your heat exchanger cracks, it can let dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide into your home.

A Rumbling Furnace

If your furnace starts up and makes a rumbling sound, it typically means that the burner is dirty and needs to be cleaned. However, we think that it’s important to point out that if you have a gas-fired boiler that rumbles, it could be that there is oil in the combustion chamber. This can lead to fumes like carbon monoxide being released into your home. You should call your local Cincinnati heating contractor if this is happening at your home.

Squealing Furnace

If your furnace makes a squealing noise this is usually because of a worn fan belt. When the belt for your blower gets old it can start to rub on other parts. Squealing can also be because of worn bearing on your fan.


Whining noises from your furnace can mean that there is a small air leak in your furnace. If you’d like to test this, you can turn the furnace off but leave the fan running.

When you need furnace repairs in Cincinnati, call the experts at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning. We have years of experience working on all types and brands of furnaces. Give us a call today. 

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