Benefits of Having a Zone Control System in Milford, OH

For many years, heating and cooling a home came down to a simple “it’s on or it’s off.” You either provided conditioned air for your whole house or you provided none at all. But this “all-or-nothing” method of comfort is no longer your sole option: with zone control systems, you can divide a home up into different zones with independent comfort controls for each. Zone systems uses dampers inside the ductwork and can cut off the conditioned airflow from the HVAC system to particular rooms, and multiple thermostats allow for control from different places throughout the house. Zone control systems can be retrofit into standard ductwork systems, so you do not need to have a completely new installation to get the benefits.

And what are the benefits? We’ll list the top ones here. To start receiving benefits of zoned air conditioning and heating, call up the Milford, OH heating experts at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment.

Some great advantages of zone control systems

  • Energy savings: You no longer need to heat or cool the whole house, only the rooms you are using. This is especially helpful if you have a guest room or extra bedroom that sees only occasional occupancy. Using zoned heating and cooling will add up to significant savings on your energy bills.
  • Adjust temperatures for the needs of different rooms: Not every room in your home will require the same level of heating and cooling. For example, a home gym won’t need extra heat and may require increased air conditioning. A study or bedroom may need less cooling and more warmth. Zone control allows you to keep the comfort level of the rooms of your home adjusted to fit their purpose.
  • Adjust temperatures for the needs of different people: The people who live in your home will often have varying temperature requirements. If you too often hear people complaining that the house is too hot or too cold—and never consistently—then consider zone control systems to alleviate the problem. Individuals can have the comfort level they want for their rooms, and can make the adjustments themselves with the local thermostats.

Although having a zone control system installed may sound arduous, in the hands of professionals it will go smoothly, and soon you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more. For quality cooling and heating in Milford, OH from a zone control system, or repairs and installations of many other comfort systems, contact the professionals at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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