Cincinnati Geothermal Tip: Geothermal Heat Pump Repairs

If you are having issues with the geothermal heat pump in your Cincinnati area home, call RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning. It’s important to call as soon as you notice an issue, not only so that our technicians can get your heat back on, but also to prevent further damage. Keep in mind that routine tune-ups and maintenance can reduce the need for repair services or equipment failure.

Here are some common issues with geothermal heating systems.

Problems with Underground Pipes

Leaks in the underground pipes are one common repair need for geothermal heating systems. If the heat is not working correctly, and you notice low water pressure for systems that use the geothermal heat pump as a water heater, you could have a leak. Low hot water pressure could also be cause by mineral buildup inside the pipes. You can install a water treatment system to solve issues with hard water, but a leak will definitely require an emergency service.

Heat Pump Issues

Most heat pump issues can be solved by simply checking the settings or the thermostat. Make sure your heat pump is set on the heating mode and that your thermostat is on the right setting. Consult your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure which settings to use. If the heat pump isn’t turning on at all, make sure there’s not a blown fuse or that the safety valve hasn’t shut off for some reason. Call a repair technician if you still can’t get it to work.

No Heat

If your geothermal heat pump is not producing heat, try turning up your thermostat. Next make sure your air filters have been changed if you haven’t checked them recently. A clogged air filter can affect the airflow and cause issues with output. Call us if you are still having problems.

Call the Cincinnati geothermal experts at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning for all your geothermal heating repair needs!

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